26mm 3 mode SDS Plus hammer

Product Overview

With a innovative Extreme2 tip design, DEWALT SDS Plus Extreme Drill Bits power through masonry, concrete, and more with a high grade carbide tip that maximizes bit life. An optimized flute design allows efficient debris removal.

Additional Features

  • 26 mm in diameter
  • Rotation-stop for light chiseling
  • applications in brick, soft masonry and occasionally concrete
  • Impact-stop for drilling in wood, steel, ceramic
  • and screw driving applications
  • Mechanical clutch eliminates
  • sudden high-torque reaction should the bit jam
  • Electronic variable speed for total control in any application
  • Rounded ergonomic industrial design allows easy and comfortable handling in any application
  • Improved sealing for maximum protection from dust ingress ensuring long tool life
  • Output air slots designed to protect users‘ eye


  • (1) Multi position
  • (1) rubber side handle
  • (1) Depth stop
  • (1) Heavy duty carrying case


Number of Pieces



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