SDS MAX Masonry Drill Bits XLR™ 15 x 340 x 200mm

Product Overview

DEWALT XLR SDS MAX Masonry Drill Bits feature innovative 4 cutter tips that MAXimize the hole concentricity for better fixing retention and an open-head design that channels dust into flutes for fast drilling. An elongated helix expedites mill removal, and a hardened core helps to reduce bit breakage.

Additional Features

  • Full carbide pilot feature for quick starts and more accurate hole positioning.
  • Iron Blast Technology - High Speed composite blasting strengthens the bit to reduce the risk of breakage
  • Tough Core – Tapered core is thicker to increase strength and resist flute breaks especially when drilling deep holes
  • Anchor Wear Mark – To indicate when bit needs to be changed when installing mechanical anchors
  • Made in Germany


  • Masonry | Concrete | Rock


15 mm
Head Type
Tungsten Carbide
Working Length
190 mm
Application Material
Number of Pieces
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