Dust Extractor for DCH263 1-1/8 in SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer

Product Overview

The DWH205DH is an OSHA Table 1 Compliant dust extractor for the DCH263 20V MAX* XR® Brushless 1-1/8" D-Handle SDS Plus Rotary Hammer. This dust extraction system features a powerful built in motor for increased suction and high-performance drilling. The 2-second power-off delay ensures that dust extraction continues after drill is switched off. The DWH205DH features three nozzle heads for maximum dust collection during the application. The included nozzles are tuned for up to 1" diameter bits, all stop bits up to 1.5" shoulder and small diameter bits up to 0.5". This dust extractor allows for bit lengths up to 10" in overall length for drilling applications. This allows users to install a wide range of anchors including pinch nails, rod hanging systems like dropins, large diameter sleeve, stud/wedge, and screw anchors. This unit includes an OSHA 1926.1153-compliant Dust Box Assembly. Equipped with a filter cleaning mechanism and a HEPA filter, it removes 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or greater.

Additional Features

  • Bit lengths up to 10 in. in overall length
  • Quick release for easy tool assembly and disassembly
  • Compact inline design; Rotary hammer and dust collection only 3.72 in. wide installed.
  • Durable clear high capacity dust box with replaceable HEPA cannister that removes 99.97% of airborne particle 0.3 microns or greater.
  • Easily adjusted depth stop for accurate anchor hole depths
  • Dust extractor mounted LED for illuminating low light work environments.


  • Drilling holes for rebar dowels
  • drilling holes for rod hanging anchors like Hangermate™, Snake™, Mini-Undercut™, and dropins.
  • drilling holes for bracing applications with anchors like ScrewBolt+™
  • drilling holes for stanchion applications with anchors like SD1


  • (1) DWH302DH, Table 1 OSHA 1926.1153-Compliant Dust Box Assembly
  • (1) Three Dust Nozzle Heads for Up to 1 in Diameter Bits, All Stop Bits Up to 1.5 in Shoulder and Small Diameter Bits Up to 1/2 in
  • (1) DWH205DH, Dust Extractor for the DCH263 20V MAX* XR® Brushless 1-1/8 in D-Handle SDS Plus Rotary Hammer



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